My Car Amplifier Power Wire Is Getting Extremely Hot And Keeps Blowing My Fuses And Getting Too Much Power. Why?


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Paul Straughn answered
Your amp wire may be to small of a guage. You may need a bigger guage wire. How big is the amp?
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melqui roche answered
you need to change the red positive cable from the battery to the amps .that's probably happening because you have big energy usres amps and not enough power from bacteria and a small cable . Find the cable #8 or #10 that should be enough .it wont get hot.the fuse should be a #30
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Roland Flores answered
Use an 8 awg power wire fine for almost every set up depending on how large and watts your system is pulling you may want to use a large fuse I have a 200 watt sub with a 300 watt amp usually your fuse holder is already attached on the power cable I cut it off and replaced it with a more quality one on different type ANL fues holder with ANL fuse
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What gauge of wire are you using right now and what wattage is your amp rated for.
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larry cook answered
Do you have the right gauge of wire to power your amp an have you checked to see it its grounded right

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