How Do I Reset The Check Engine Light On A Lincoln Ls?


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I have had my  2002 V6 LS repaired but the engine check light never went off.  Will it reset by it self or is it necessary to have it reset by a mechanic?
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Steven Vakula answered
If the check engine light is on you most likely have a problem with the cars emission control system. A sensor or filter needs maintenance, cleaning or repair. If the state you live in requires emission testing the vehicles computer will fail the care until it is repaired and pretty soon it will start missing and perhaps not start. You do need to take it to a mechanic for repair. Then the check engine light will reset.
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Ronnie Maye answered
You can take the vehicle to a mechanic and have him reset it with a hand held scan tool, or you can remove the battery cable and replace it, or take the ECM fuse out of the fuse panel and replace it. If the engine light is on though there is a problem with the vehicles electronics on the engine and it will come back on until the problem is fixed.
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If your check engine light is on you should take it to a mechanis. The light is there to notify you that something might be wrong with your engine. They will run a computer diagnostic test to check that the car is okay and deactivate the light. Sometimes a mechanic can over ride the system manually though newer models often won't co-operate. Also, this is not legal if you are due for an inspection. So yea, get a diagnostic check done on your car.

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