How Do I Reset Red Check Engine Light On A VW Jetta?


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Have you taken it to a mechanic to be certain nothing is wrong? If you do, the VW mechanic can reset the check engine light.♥   However, there is another way, but I would feel better knowing that your car is safe to drive so try the mechanic first.♥
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By mistake i pulled a fuse that i thought was an extra. When i tried to start the car it wouldnt start and realized it was not extra. After replacing the fuse, the engine light came on and it is in limp mode. I am stranded out of town with no dealerships close by. Is there any way i can reset this to get me going
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All the new cars and trucks have a on board computer.It runs all functions of your car and also runs diagnostics on all systems.Its on because it has picked up a problem and has turned on the check eng.light.Go to a good shop or dealer and they will plug a hand held analyzer in under the dash read the code and fix the problem and light will go off I hope this helps

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