Can A Auto Contract Be Void Within 3 Days If You Are Not Happy With The Purchase?


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It depends on who you bought the vehicle from. A lot of businesses operate a 30-day Money Back Guarantee which ensures customers can return any goods within 30 days if they are not entirely happy with the product. There does not necessarily have to be a fault but the product does need to be returned in the exact same order that it was sold in. It is unlikely that you will receive the full money back on your purchase, particularly if it has been used. It is best to check your receipt for any indication that the contract can be void after three days. If you cannot find the information there, simply call the auto dealership you purchased the vehicle from.       

It is not the law to offer the ability to return a car if you are not happy with it, this decision is up to the dealer who will then add it to their clause.       

Some car dealerships use a ‘Money Back Guarantee’ as a form of promotion and an incentive for customers to buy a vehicle as they know they can return it if they wish, but more often than not, they won’t. Liberty Bay Auto Centre in Seattle, for example, pride themselves on their guarantee and claim to be the friendliest car store on the planet. They offer a 48 hour no hassle money back guarantee and also a 90 day warranty on all cars.       

It is advisable that any car buyer should take their time when making the decision of what car to buy as it is such a huge investment. If you believe you have found the perfect car, sleep on your decision and do not commit until you have researched the vehicle and also what the competing auto sales centers have to offer.  Before you purchase from a dealer, ask about the dealer's return policy, get it in writing and read it carefully.
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Yes, you can cancel the contract but in this case you've to make some payment for canceling it. And if after making the payment still you find the other price lower than the price you purchased it. Then you should and you must purchase it on cheaper price.

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