I Want To Repair A Blown Head Gasket Gasket On My Car?


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I blew the head gasket on my 95 Buick Regal, Got an estimate from garage of $900. To $1200 depending. Googled repair just like you did and found "Bar's" gasket repair (and many more): I bought the bars at Auto Zone for $9.99 with a $5.00 rebate.

I followed the instructions (listed below) WoW! It worked. Fixed it exactly like it said. I now have about 800 miles on the car without a single problem and with the air running constantly. Actually the temp is a little below where it was before the blown gasket.

It's so simple. You first drain your radiator then mix the Bar's liquid fix in 3 quarts of water then(reclose drain valve): Then pour the Bar's in - fill the radiator again to the top. Then start the car and turn the heater on high and idle the car at 1000 rmp for 25 minutes. Let the engine cool for an hour and do the same thing again this time for 20 minutes at 1500 rpms.

Make sure to keep the rpms at 1500 because the gasket will get extra hot at the site of the problem and that activates the bonding chemicals.

After 20 minutes turn the car off and drain the radiator again but this time leave the radiator cap off and let the car sit over night; 12 to 24 hours.

This is when the actual repair takes place. As the engine cools the chemical reaction bonds the liquid that was forces through the blown part of the gasket. It's actually better than the old gasket. The repair is like steel.

All you have to do is be patient and follow the instructions. This stuff works on aluminum or steel blocks. Don't take short cuts. I blew my head gasket but this stuff blew my mind. Something in my car jinxed life actually worked like it said it would. And for $10.00.

Since I saved so much money I also put in 2 new fan motors - $28.95 each and a new raidator cap and new anti freeze (on sale for $5.49).

I'm not sending in for the rebate. I figure let Bar's keep it they saved me a bundle.

Toal cost of the job under $80.00 including tax. Don't be afraid to try it. It's simple and it works. There are a lot of others on the market and they all make various claims about duribility and strength of bond. (from $49.00 up to $145,00).

Maybe some are better? Don't know. Don't care. The Bar's worked for me. And this isn't any kind of advertisement for Bar's. They really should advertise this stuff more. I only found it by accident.

Don't be afraid to do it. Just follow the instructions. Good luck
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That bars crap does not work ok or the other brands I have used them all and it's nothing but snake oil. Get the auto repaired the right way, don't buy that crap for a blown head gasket you could damage your radiator in the process and then have to replace that also, you are taking a huge chance if you use that stuff.

Sure these companies make all kind of claims and money back if not satisfied offers, they do it to make the offer seem to good to pass up, don't believe any of it.
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A blown head gasket is a very difficult repair for the average person to undertake. It requires a lot of special tools and the head will have to be resurfaced and possibly a valve job also by a shop. If you are determined to do it yourself I would go to the parts store and buy a repair manual, read up on it and proceed from there.
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You need to go get you a repair manual an a good set of metric tools an a torque wrench just make sure you label all or any electrical wires an vacuum hoses to were they go a lot better when putin back together
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I have a civic d16z6 head gasket and gasket kit for sale, along with other civicparts message [email protected] you h oo.  Com Thanks-Shawn

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