When Driving In The Fog You Should Always Use Your ____-beam Headlights?


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Agree with Jerry Howarth, it depends on the fog intensity. I prefer using headlights even during a very light fog, mostly because I like my Wrangler 97-2018 7'' Black LED Headlights very much (by the way I find them on Amazon due to this review ).

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Low, definitely preferably fog lights. Have you ever noticed where in relation to normal headlights fog lights are placed? Below them..
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Low beam. Do you want me to double as you when you take the driving test too? Read the book and get a brain so you know how to drive and not get your license revoked within 6 months.
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That depends on how low the fog is. If it's ground fog, use the low beam; if it's a high fog use high beam. Driving tip in fog: Wear your sun glasses, you'll be surprized how they cut thru the fog.

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