How Do You Repair Fogged Or Scratched Headlight Lenses?


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Vikash Swaroop answered
There some tools that are required if you want to repair the lens of the headlight that is fogged or scratched. The first thing you can so is to visit the website that is known as and when you are on the website, you should order Wolfgang Lens Cleaning System that can be fitted with four pads and also an electric drill.
When you buy these products it will be very easy for you to clean the lens as it has all the equipments and also the procedure to make it clean. The pads that you use help to touch the lens with ease and while using it along with drill, it touches the lens very softly so that no unwanted scratch is on it.
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Tonya Gore answered
You can use rubbing compound very lightly and wipe with a dry towel afterwards,and it will take out most of the scratches.

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