What Types Of BMX Bike Are There?


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BMX bikes are gearless, and have a relatively small frame (low to the ground) compared to the size of the rider.  Handle-bars are usually you-shaped, rising up quite a bit above the frame.  BMX bikes are tough, they have to be.  Wheel diameter is usually 20' (children's/teen's BMX), but sometimes 24' (adult size).  SPD/clip in pedals are sometimes used, but most riders prefer simple open-faced pedals.

There are three basic types:

Race: Ideally fitted with frame pads to protect the rider (but I haven't actually seen this at any events myself!  The frame is very light weight, typically a chrome-alloy or maybe aluminium, the wheels are relatively (for a BMX) narrow-rim and lightweight.  Knobby tyres, but less tread than dirt BMX.  Usually only one strong rear brake.

Freestyle/stunt: These bikes have heavier and more durable frames, with heavy steel content.  They are fitted with wider rim wheels (may have knobby tyres, but usually the least tread of BMX types since they're primarily urban street bikes), and usually at least two brakes. Fitted out with stunt pegs on the back wheel, and designed such that the forks can be spun around easily, these are often a teenager's first choice of wheels.

Jump/Dirt: These are sort of a mix of the last 2, lighter than freestyle, but tougher than a race bike.  One brake, meant for messing around in muddy woods, deep tread tyres.

BMX bike frames come in a range of sizes, mostly geared towards child and teen sizes, as it is primarily a young person's sport.

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