How Can I Unseize My Chainsaw Motor?


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It depends on what caused it to seize up.
Did you run it without oil in the gas?
Did you just leave it sitting for a long time and now it is stiff?

Here is what I suggest.
Take the spark plug off.
Spray a generous amount of

PB Blaster Penetrating Catalyst

You can find this at most hardware or auto parts stores.
Let it sit a while.  Overnight.  See if that helps.
Still stuck.
Remove the cylinder head.
Take a block of wood or dowel about the diameter of the cylinder.  Place the block on the cylinder.  Strike the other end of the block with a hammer, sharply!.  
Re assemble (you will need a new head gasket).  Depending on the damage, the engine may or may not have enough compression to run (assuming you got it freed up).

If neither of those work, toss it.

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