How Can I Get Ford Motor Company Email , To Email A Head Exective ?


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The best way to gain information and executive contacts at Ford is through the company press office. The chief press officer’s name is Sarah Pope and her telephone number is 01277 252 835. If you want to contact her on her mobile, you can call 07802 678210. She is also available on email and her address is [email protected] The company is based in the UK. The Executive Director of public affairs and product affairs is Tim Holmes and he can be contacted on 01277 252506, 07764 386561, or by email at [email protected] The press office would be the first point of call to gain access to the company executives. It is the job of the press office team to promote the company and to make it accessible to the press and the public. The press office will have all the necessary contacts within the company and would therefore be able to gain access to the email address of the Head Executive. There is no way to directly email the head executive of Ford Motors by only looking at the Ford Motors website. The website provides an extensive list of contacts for Ford’s many services, including mobility services, repairs, courtesy cars and customer services, but no such directory for individual staff members, however high up they are in the company. The website provides an integrated email form where you can put your message directly to the company but this does not provide the email address of the recipient who will receive your message. The website offers a phone number for customer services, the first calling point for enquiries. This is 0845 712 5490.
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You can get general contact through the Ford website. If you are trying to reach a particular person, there is a company called Hoover's that say they can help you email specific people - but I really don't know if they are for real or not, so please be cautious! Click here if you want to take a look.
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First, you have to go to Then you have to refresh twice. After that, press alt + f4 and their email address will appear on the screen.
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But it is not working for me! It only closes the window and I've been trying for 3 hours now...waht am I doing wrong?

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