How Do You Remove A Rear Speaker In A Kia Optima?


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I just did this to upgrade the speakers in my grandson's 2001 Optima. It is not easily done but here goes:
- fold rear seats forward
- remove high stoplight cover and light
- remove left and right bolsters outboard of seats
- remove trim from front edge of rear deck
- remove the 2 holdowns on top of deck
- using a long slender prybar, carefully pop up rear deck. It will help if another person is in the trunk to assist in locating the numerous christmas tree nylon holdown clips that you must release from the metal deck and which are attached to the fabric/carpet underside
- when loose, slide deck forward to expose speakers. (note: Speaker grilles will remain attached to deck since they are fastened with screws from the bottom side
- disconnect speaker wires located in roof of the trunk
- remove the four screws from each speaker and lift out the unit (they are industry standard 6"X9" size)

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