How Do I Know If My Throttle Body Is Bad?


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Wont dispense fuel runs sluggish
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How do I know when I need a throttle body, when I put the freestyle in reverse it goes into great speed and cut off , do it need a new throttle body or just need cleaning or what, please help
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The peddle gets hard to push down in some cases
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My car starts but doesn't accelerate it only stays on but when I hit the pedal it goes up just little be is nissan 350z nismo
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Did you ask this question because your got a code that said so?

Many modern engines have the throttle plate controlled by a servo motor. If, for some reason, the motor reports to the computer that the throttle plate is not responding as it should a code will be set. This is often caused by a build up of dirt between the throttle plate and throttle body.

"Sometimes" you can fix this problem by carefully cleaning out the inside of the throttle body.

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