How Frequently Is A Pollution Check Required In Cars?


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A pollution check in cars is required after every six months.
  • A pollution check is referred to as 'PUC', which means 'pollution under control'. As vehicular pollution has been increasing over time, it has become necessary to take steps to control it. Hence, PUC is required for every vehicle. PUC check verifies whether the smoke emitted by your car is within limits. If not, then your car will either need servicing or maintenance.
  • If your car is new, you won't need a PUC for the first six months or till the time you have not completed ten thousand kilometers. But, after the first six months it is vital to get a PUC check immediately or else you might face penalty if caught by a traffic inspector. However, many times you will get your first PUC from the car dealer itself or they will put a small sticker on the windshield of your car stating that it is a non polluting car.
  • PUC is a very simple check, where in there would be some machine sensors attached to your car and you will be asked to accelerate the car. Make sure to put the hand brakes. The machine will then check the pollution level in the car. The whole procedure takes hardly 10 to 15 minutes. You will find PUC machines in every petrol, diesel and gas selling shops.
  • PUC checks are not at all costly. You need to pay a minimum amount for the check. There has been a nominal increase in the rates of PUC due to increasing rates of petrol, diesel and gas. Moreover, advanced E-III checks have become common. A PUC is valid for six months. You will get a small laminated form which will have the number plate of your car. After date of expiry of your PUC, you must get a new PUC immediately.

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