Why Can't You Get A Digital Haynes Auto Repair Manual Online?


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Taylor Edgar answered
Good question. You would think there was some merit in this idea and, in fact, Haynes have been experimenting.

An Internet-based chapter download service was tested recently, but this was "withdrawn temporarily for further evaluation." According to Haynes, who have also considered CD-ROM versions of their publications, they have yet to find anything that works better than the existing hard copy manual. On their UK web site, Haynes state: "Apart from the fact that not many people have a PC in their garage or workshop, this is something that seemed like a good idea until research proved otherwise."

But IMHO there are some distinct advantages to them introducing a download service.

Firstly, it would enable customers to buy only the specific chapters they required. With the PDF safely stored on their hard drive, they could then print off pages, take it out to the workshop and not worry about getting oily fingerprints all over it.

Secondly, it would enable Haynes to constantly update and edit their auto repair manuals to ensure they were as accurate as possible and incorporate such things as recall data and new manufacturer's recommendations.

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