How Do I Set The Clock On A Pioneer Mosfet AM/FM/CD Car Radio Model #50WX4? I Lost The Manual.


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Taz your wrong!!! You have to turn off the radio. The car stays
on when doing this. Then you PUSH AND HOLD the BIG SOUND
BUTTON. Then the clock numbers will blink. You use the direction
buttons to change the time. The up and down to change the time
and the side buttons to change from hour to minutes.
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All I did was, with the radio still going, I held the source button
until the radio went off... And the clock was visible...

Next, I held the
function button until the clock was blinking ... Then used the arrows
to set time! ;)

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I believe you turn the unit off when the car is still on, then hold the function button down. A menu should come up where you can use the directional buttons to set the time. Once the time is properly set, hold function button down again.

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