My Car Will Not Go Into Drive Or Reverse Do I Need A New Transmission Or A Strainer?


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I have a 1995 ford expedition, it started to leak transmission fluid and now it wont let me go into drive or reverse
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Could be. First check the level of the automatic transmission fluid (ATF). This should be done with the engine running, all warmed up, transmission in P.

If the ATF is old (has been in more then 30,000 miles) then it and the filter (strainer) should be changed.

Be sure to only use the correct type of ATF

Please to not flush the transmission! You will be sorry if you do!
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I have a 2001 galant and I have to much transmission fluid in it and my car wont go in to drive or reverse .... Could it be that it has to much fluid ... If I drain the fluid and put new in it and the rite will it work again ... My car has been fine untill now .....

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