How To Replace Transmission Pan Gasket?


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This would be a very easy job if the tranmission pan had a drain plug. Most don't. So do this:

1. Get a suitable collection pan, should be big enough to hold 8 qts or more.

2. Raise the car safely up on ramps or jack stands so you can get at the pan.

3. Loosen all the bolts only about 1/4 turn.

4. Put the collection pan under the transmission.

5. Pick one end of the pan and loosen bolts on that end another turn. This end will stay up on the transmission a while.

6. The other end is where the gusher of ATF fluid will come out. Work your way around the pan and remove all the bolts except for one on the opposite end from step 5 above. So you should have a row of bolts in place on one edge and then a single bolt on the opposite edge.

7. Probably the pan will not be leaking much right now.

8. With a suitable tool that will not scratch the transmission sealing surface pry the transmission pan away from the transmission. The Gusher should start!

9. When the fluid stops remove the rest of the bolts and lower the pan. Remove the old gasket.

10. Clean the pan till its clean enough to eat off of.

11. Put a new gasket on probably with your sealant of choice. Put the pan back on. Tighten the bolts properly. Fill the transmission with ATF.

12. Start engine and chack for leaks and the proper level.

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