How Do You Replace Starter Solenoid?


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Solenoids have two big nuts, one on each side for the large wires; with one coming from the battery and the other leading to the starter. Underneath you can see a couple of posts. If you have one post, then purchase one to replace that solenoid. Of the two posts, the crucial one is the one which goes to the ignition switch while the other is for ground.
Changing the starter can be a hard, time consuming job. Check other parts before you decide to change the starter.

The starter solenoid is a button that turns the starter on and off. It is quite easy to replace the starter solenoid and it costs less than $10. The first thing you have to do is to remove the starter. Find out the field coil strap on the terminal of the solenoid and take it off. Unscrew screws and bolts to remove the solenoid. Now install the new solenoid. For plungers connected to the solenoid, connect the plunger with the starter shift lever, to ensure that the spring is fit between the solenoid shell and the plunger. With the shell in place, you can tighten the bolts and screws.

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