Do Scooters (two And Four Stroke) Have Catalytic Conveters?


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Mary Frederick answered
Yes, since the 1990's according to research most of the motor scooters have catalytic converters, especially the Honda series. The 2 and 4 stroke engines were a cause of serious air pollution and catalytic converters became a requirement. The converters are a safety feature, make scooters more environmentally friendly and boost performance.

In recent years some companies have begun research to correct the problem of air pollution without catalytic converters. An example is Aprilia who has developed Direct Injection Technology and a new 2 stroke engine. The new motor and technology will allow them to produce scooters without converters and still produce a product, which complies with governmental standards without a catalytic converter.

Recently the EPA has set new standards for motorcycles also and by 2010 all motorcycles will have some form of emission control other than catalytic converters.

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