How Can I Stop The Windows Of My Hyundai From Steaming Up Inside?


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Taylor Edgar answered
If they are steaming up while the vehicle is parked for long periods, it sounds very much like you have a leak somewhere. To help trace this, check all carpeting. Any very damp patches indicates that water is getting in, possibly because a rubber grommet has been lost or damaged, or a drain hole has become blocked. You will need to lift as much as the carpeting as possible to check that none of the round drain holes on the underside of the car have lost their rubber stoppers.

Check in the boot too for puddles of water. Lift the boot (trunk) liner and inspect thoroughly any signs of dampness. If the spare wheel is stowed here, remove it as this recess is the lowest point and where water will gather. Water in the boot usually means a hole or even a hairline crack in one of the rear wheel arches. Another possible culprit is worn door seals.
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I have the same problem with my brothers car. Its so annoying because you can not see what youre doing and its amazing how dangerous it really is. Its called condensation and the reason for this is because of the cold air outside and the warmer air inside. There is nothing you can really do to stop this from happening but if you notice they are starting to steam up either turn the heating of or turn it on to cold. This will take the cloudiness out of the windows and hopefully keep you safe. Tara
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You should also check for a faulty heater core. If it is leaking, it will fog up the windows and have a distinctive sweet smell (anti-freeze). Also check the A/C and make sure it is working properly in defrost mode. It's the dry air from the A/C that clears the windows.

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