How Do You Change Fluids In A 2004 Harley Road King?


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Neil jONES answered
the easiest fluid to change on a Road King or any bike would be the engine oil. There will be a drain plug at the lowest level of the oil sump. look for that plug and open it. There will be an oil fill cap that should be in an obvious location.

You will want to locate the oil filter and remove it when the sump is empty. Replace it with one from the dealer. This work is fairly easy, and can be done most non-mechanics. It will take you a couple of hours, but you will get a great sense of accomplishment when finished. Good luck!

Changing the brake fluid is much more technical. The penalty for doing it wrong is much greater, so let an expert do this for you. Fortunately it only needs to be done every 2 or 3 years.

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