While driving on the road, I saw a sign that said "Buckle up. Do it for your family". What do you think of this message? Can neglecting to put a seat belt on be considered both dangerous and selfish?


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Let's see... You're a mom and you are driving around your five kids. You buckle them in cuz well it's the law but you chose to not wear one because the store is just around the corner. Meanwhile a drunken fool just came out of his driveway and without looking plows right into your vehicle. You go flying out the windshield dying instantly leaving five helpless children half orphaned. Yah it's selfish and dangerous. Poor little kids! Just wanted an ice cream cone from Rite Aid. 😢 🍦

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It’s what Willie said! DUH!!!

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Not wearing your seatbelt is definitely dangerous. The second part of
this message is to encourage people to be safe while driving. Some drivers tend
to neglect rules when it comes to themselves. For instance, they might force
their kids to wear their seatbelt without doing so themselves because they
think about their children’s safety more.

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I came upon an accident moments after it happened. A pickup truck towing a trailer of plants ran a stop sign. A car that was traveling in the cross road hit the trailer and went into a ditch along the side of the road. The driver of the car wasn't wearing his seat belt. He was driving a convertible. Lucky for him the only serious injuries were his broken arms. They hit the top of the windshield as he was ejected from the car. They were serious breaks. He looked like he had an extra set of elbows. 

While so far this event doesn't sound too bad, as it could have been much worse. The kicker is the man with broken arms was a heart surgeon. His lack of doing something simple as buckling up resulted in many people who needed medical help having to find someone else to help them. How would you feel if you or your loved one was scheduled for life saving heart surgery being told they had to wait and find another doctor or have another doctor arbitrarily assigned to you because your/their doctor didn't do something as simply buckling their seat belt? Yes, it is reckless and selfish.

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I even harness my puppy- face in. She's great about it. She has come to expect it.

There was a show testing harnesses using crash test puppy. Most of them on the market failed miserably. And so, I reinforced her harness using seat belt material ( from a scrap yard) and attached a dedicated clip to it which clips into the seat belt clicker. It was a labour of love. Bonus is that when a door opens, she is secure and can't bolt out into traffic.

In the event of a crash, your pets become missiles in your vehicle crashing about and also into you.

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I'll be honest...we don't wear them at work. We drive 5 mph and stop every 5 feet, so we just don't wear them. However, in any other vehicle, I do and I make sure everybody else is buckled up. It is definitely dangerous to not wear one, considering that if you get into an accident you're gonna be kissing the windshield or flying through it.

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Yes it's dangerous , do what the sign says Buckle Up . I always go by what the rules of the law says . So many people put others life in jeopardy too. I don't know how many people i see using cell phones and texting when their about to pull out while driving.

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