what price do you think i could get a 2015 honda civic for at an auto auction?


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PJ Stein answered

It all depends on the condition fo the vehicle and where you are selling it at. Honestly you are probably better off selling straight out then at an auction. Unless you have done some upgrades. In that case you would need to go to a specialized auction and not your average auction. Most auto auctions are for people who are trying to get a car as cheaply as possible. My parents bought a car at auction and probably bought it for less than half what the retail value was.

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otis campbell answered

As gator said you are better off selling your vehicle yourself. Get online check kelly blue book . Clean the car inside and outside. A auto auction you will not receive much money for your car. Clean it up good and u could use it as a good trade in on another car

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Mountain Man answered

My understanding of your question is that you would like to buy a 2015 Honda civic. If that's the case, go online and see what the Kelley Blue Book value is. That will give you a rough idea, although you could probably get it cheaper than that at an auction.

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