For the car owners: how much is the new technology in them for you guys such as the building wifi, gps with its own little window and crash detection and whatever else?


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Rich Marzetti , i 4got something, answered

I meant per month or year. We're middle class here, but kinda poor still if you ask me.

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A lot of that stuff I can do without, and would actually prefer not to have it.  First, I have little faith in the longevity of those systems and would lack interest in paying 100's of dollars to have them fixed,  More importantly, as far as I am concerned the screens are probably going to get a lot of folks killed in accidents because they are diverting attention from the road.  That said, some of the safety stuff I love - back-up cameras, ands the collusion avoidence stuff. 

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I have satellite radio in my car. I forget what we paid for the yearly membership the first few years, but I think the first years was a little of $100, and then if memory serves me we signed a 3 yr. Contract for less than $200. After that we signed up for a lifetime for another $200. It is an after market installation, so I can put it in another car. I originally signed up around Thanksgiving in 2004 and I listen to every time I drive. I have also driven halfway across the country a few times, so it is nice not to lose a station as you are traveling.

Since I have GPS on my phone I don't need a separate one in my car.

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