Is The 5.9 Jeep The Fastest SUV In The World?


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Assuming you're referring to the Jeep SRT8 and speaking of stock vehicles only, the new BMW M X5 is the fastest with 0-60 of 4.5 sec per BMW tests.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo comes in 2nd at 4.7 seconds, then probably the Jeep SRT8 at 5.2 sec.

Not sure about quarter miles, but those are off-the-line figures.  BMW has come a long way to put the M badge on their SAV, but the numbers speak for themselves.  This is a monster with 555 hp.  How fast do you really need to get the kids to day care or run down to the grocery store?  It's a bit ridiculous but some ppl will buy it.
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Lol...have any of you been in the New 2011 Rang Rover Sport 4.7l V8 supercharged, it is faster than the makes it look stupid

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