How Do I Replace Spark Plugs In H3 2006?


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I can see as you would need to on a 2006 model unless you have over 100,000 miles on it. Modern spark plugs are designed to last 100,000. Years ago they often needing replacing after 10,000 miles or so. To change them you need a spark plug socket a ratchet an and extension. You need a gap gauge to set or check the gap on the plugs. You need to find out what the gap is supposed to be. You could get it from a repair manual if one has been put out for your particular model.(manuals are only put out on cars that are a few years old you can't get one for a new or recent model). If you go to a parts store like Advance Auto or Auto Zone they may be able to tell you the gap. I think some plugs are already have the gap set and only need checking. Once the plus have been gauged or checked and have the correct gap. Then just screw them out and screw the new ones in. Do not over torque them, because most cylinder head are made of aluminum now and if you put them in too tight they may strip the threads out the next time you take them out. Make sure that you do not pull more than one spark plug wire off at a time. When you put the plug in put the wire back on before you take another wire off. That way there is no chance of you putting the plug wire on the wrong cylinder.

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