How Do I Replace The Back Spark Plugs On A 1996 Chevy Lumina?


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Assuming you are talking a sedan, and not a minivan, the rear (three) plugs usually require a 5/8" spark plug socket, which is a longer one, an extension or two, and a ratchet. Plus a lot of bending over the engine. If there are two engine mounts that connect to the front radiator support, they look like dog bones, disconnect them at the engine and try rocking the motor forward and get it to stay there for more room at the rear engine compartment. Hey, good luck, a lot of front wheel cars are just a matter of patience. Have a telescoping magnet handy too if in case you drop something down and it doesn't land on the ground.
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If it is a Lumina van you may be able to do them from underneath. If it is a car there should be 2 motor mounts on the front of the car. They look like dogbones. Take them off and rock the motor ahead. Secure it ahead with a rope or chain. You should be able to get at the back plugs then. Looks worse than it actually is.
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I think I removed the alternator the second time I did them. The first time was really time consuming. Also a 5/8 swivel spark plug socket with an extension helps.
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I've had to take the tire off to change the rear plugs on my areo star van.

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