How Long Does It Take For The Check Engine Light Take To Reset After Replacing The Egr Valve In A 2001 Silverado?


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eugene hunt answered
Take the negative battery cable loose for about 30 seconds, this will cause the computer to reset, and it will check to see if your problem is really fixed or not. If the light still comes on, then you still have a problem that you have not corrected.
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Try disconnecting the battery's positive lead for 5 minutes. I did that after replacing an O2 sensor. After starting the truck and running it a few minutes it reset. You might try that.
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Dewayne Miller answered
Not 100% sure but I think after the code is fixed or the code is received it will reset after 50 starts or something like that if not you may have to use a diagnostic tool because it is a OSB2
if your going to work on it get a haynes repair manual for your car in the meantime go to its all there
let me know if this helps

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