An aluminum boat (14.50 grams) has a volume of 450.00 centimeters cubed (cm3). If each penny has a mass of 2.50 grams how many can be put in the boat before it sinks?


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The density of water at standard temperature and pressure is 1gram/cm3 (cc cubic centimeter)
If anything has a lower density it will float, a higher density sinks.
Density = Mass/Volume
The boat has a mass of 14.50 grams and a volume of 450.00 cc
Water has a 1/1 (gram/cc) ratio or simply a density of 1
Divide 14.50 by 450.00 to see if the boat has a density less than 1, if it does, the boat will float.
To equal the density of water, the boat would have to have 450 grams/450 cc (which = 1)
Subtract the weight of the boat from 450 to find out how many more grams you can add to the weight of the boat.
Divide that by 2.5 to find out how many pennies you can add, and round down to the nearest penny.
As long as the ratio of mass/volume is less than 1, the boat will float. 
Add 1 penny after that and the boat sinks.

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