How To Make A Car Move Without Electricity?


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With a balloon
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Do you mean petrol or diesel powered cars? These vehicles only require an electricity supply when starting up, and the spark a petrol engine needs to ignite the fuel is generated from a tiny amount of electricity generated as the engine turns over. Diesel ignites under compression, so does not require a spark.

In these cases electricity is not the 'motive' energy source; it is used simply to start the engine up and possibly provide fuel ignition.
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Create en other device or create a gasoline that don't pollutes.
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Their is a lot of forms of kinetic energy that this. Also magnetic force can do it also, and this was my science fair exhibit in the third grade!
I won first place, too! Using permanent magnetic force!
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Their are many ways to make a car run without electricity like with a balloon or with a rubber band even with water but that will be very very very hard to do so I perfer the ballon and rubber band.

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