Why Do Wheels On Car Tires Seem To Move Backward? ( Opposite To The Direction Of The Vehicle?)


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It requires a sinusoidal artificial light to create an effect where the wheel seems to turn to the opposite direction of the movement.
We need a certain frequency light to reflect from the flywheel (such as the light of a fluorescent tube) which creates sinusoidal light which cannot be distinguished with the naked eye.

If the rotation frequency of the flywheel and the light are the same, the flywheel looks as if standing still, and if turning somewhat slower, the flywheel seems to be running slowly backwards.
For the effect on tv - when capturing the image at certain frames per second, the flywheel again must match the frequency to create the effect.

The effect can not be seen by the naked eye in daylight since the amplitude of the light isn't sinusoidal and the eye does not have any 'frames per second'- based seeing organism.
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The speed of the car makes it look like its going backwards
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You only think it moves backwards but it's just an effect when your car is moving. Do you mind if I know where can I purchase BBS wheels?

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