Where Is Gloucester Train Station?


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Gloucester railway station, which serves Gloucester city, is atypical as it is positioned off the main Bristol-Birmingham line. This signifies that trains calling at Gloucester usually are forced to reverse.

A city and district, Gloucester is located in south-west England, near the Welsh border. It is situated on the right (east) shore of the River Severn, 114 miles to the west-north-west of London. It is the Gloucestershire county town. Places of interest include Gloucester Cathedral, the charming gabled and timbered houses, various churches and Meadow Park

It is only trains continuing along the line onward to Chepstow that do not need to reverse in order to call at Gloucester. The railway platform at this station measuring a total of 602.69 metres or 1977 ft. 4 inches makes it the longest railway platform in all of Great Britain.

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