Where Is Coventry Train Station?


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It is near central 6
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Coventry Railway Station is located just outside the city centre of the city of Coventry. It lies on the Birmingham loop on the West Coast Main Line. It is represented by the station code COV, which are the first three letters in the spelling of the name of the city of Coventry. It forms a junction from where the southbound West Coast Main Line, which proceeds towards London, is joined by railway lines leading to Nuneaton, Oxford, Reading and the south coast of England.

The station was originally built in the year 1838. It was then a part of the London and Birmingham Railway. By 1840, the station was rebuilt and shifted to a new location, which was located a few hundred feet away from the city of Rugby. The station saw some constant renovations and modifications over the years and was finally demolished in the year 1960. The present-day Coventry Railway Station, with four platforms, was constructed in the 1960's. It is now a Grade II-listed building.

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