What's Nearest Train Station To Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth?


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The Nearest station to Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth is Portsmouth Harbour station. It is situated under the Spinnaker Tower on a harbour jetty. This station is said to be the best one for those visiting the Quays, the Historic Dockyard and the Portsmouth Harbour since it is within a relative walking distance of all these places. The other station that one can consider is the Fratton station, closest to Fratton Park; another popular destination and the house of Portsmouth FC. Among the other favourable stations is the Cosham station which lies in a northern suburb of Portsmouth.

This is a very well connected rail network and is also connected with the capital city. The mainline that connects Portsmouth to London terminates at Waterloo station. Its extensive stations and smooth transport facilities make it easier for visitors to travel around the place.
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