How Does Driving Cars And Trucks Cause Global Warming?


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I think that cars and trucks emit gases that destroy the ozone layer and the ozone layer protects us from harmful uv rays, so when the o zone layer is destroyed more and more, become exposed to these harmful uv rays. Hence, global warming
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Cars and trucks emits around 40 pounds of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Even when you car or truck is not running, there is a small amount of evaporation of fuel into our atmosphere. And this emission of harmful gases can cause acid rains and pollution in atmosphere. And also the oil which spills from the vehicles seep into our groundwater. But you can save your environment from these harmful gases. Take your car to the best auto service shop for regular car servicing. Regular car servicing will not only save environment from pollution but you will also keep your car better and longer running. If you are in Winnipeg then you can take your car to my favourite and most reliable+experienced auto service shop - Winter's Auto Service. This shop has the best auto service mechanics.

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I can't say that I believe that driving cars or trucks cause global warming. In fact, I seriously doubt it! AT this time 27 yrs. Ago, in this very town, it was 110 degrees. Today it is about 75 degrees. Perhaps it's cooling anyway.

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