What Is A Good Safety Precaution When Fueling Your Boat?


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A number of safety cautions should be taken at all times when fueling a boat. These ensure the safety of yourself and others around you, and help keep the boat itself in a good, workable condition. If you have your own personal boat, or are responsible for a boat, you should have a notice containing all safety precautions displayed in a prominent place on your boat; this makes everybody aware of what must be done to keep safe. Additionally, you should never let someone inexperienced fuel or operate your boat without supervision. Read the guidelines below to fuel your boat safely.

  • Quantities: Use the golden rule
The golden rule when it comes to fueling your boat is to think in thirds. Consider the journey you are about to take, and come up with an estimation of how much fuel it will take to reach your destination. Take this figure and multiply by three - this is how much fuel you should put into your boat. One third of the fuel will be used getting there, one third will be used getting back and the final third can be kept in reserve. Following this golden rule can prevent you running out of fuel and becoming stranded.

  • Ensure a safe fueling environment
Fueling can't take place anywhere. To fuel your boat safely, you must be secured at a dock and have the boat engine turned off. You should make sure there are no open flames nearby and avoid using switches during the process. Never smoke or allow anyone to smoke nearby whilst fueling. Make sure you know how much fuel you are putting in and don't allow any passengers onto the boat.

  • Don't spill!
Avoid spilling any fuel - particularly in the water, as this can damage the marine environment and kill wildlife. Any fuel spills on land should be cleaned up as soon as possible.
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When it comes to boating, I think that it really is important to pay enough attention to safety. Not only with fueling but you also need to have an emergency kit, like , and keep in mind that when you are on a boat, the whole situation is a bit dangerous and you need to behave accordingly.

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