Would You Rather Have A Classic Truck(classic Meaning Over 25 Years Old) Or A New Truck?


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Donna Joy Plattner Profile
Well I would honestly have to say it depends if it's a Chevy truck and in mint condition or if I have the time to restore it...some old trucks are nice...I use to go to the car shows in Sioux City, Iowa (the Aditorium) I have seen some awesome cars and trucks that were restored!
emma loveees youuu xo Profile
Um, i wouldn't really care that much, as long as the classic truck works ok :)
Tehee Mehee Profile
Tehee Mehee answered
I would probably want a new one if I had to have one, but I'm not a big fan of trucks.
Hello Boss Profile
Hello Boss answered
I already have enough classic trucks and cars. I would like a brand new 1 ton, dual wheel, crew cab, long-bed, V8 Diesel, 4WD, with all the goodies, Pickup Truck for Christmas, OK? Just leave the keys in my X-mas stocking.
james caison Profile
james caison answered
Definitely a classic truck, but it would have to be in A-One condition. I would take a new Ford
Raptor in a heartbeat.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
For me, I am old school (skool) lol all the way! I wouldn't even care whether it's Chevy, or anything else. Well, would only have an Edsel for the sake of having one. Lol Not like it would go anywhere. Hahaha
Ady Mat Profile
Ady Mat answered
I will go with new one as I don't want to see any fuel guzzling old vehicles on the roads. I think we have already polluted our environment enough.
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Stewart Pinkerton
The environment will be just fine, the only real pollution is caused by the wood-burning stoves beloved of the idiot green brigqade.
Stewart Pinkerton Profile
I'd rather have an estate car (station wagon), specifically an Audi RS6 Avant. Trucks are for rednecks!
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Ady Mat
Ady Mat commented
Wood burning Stoves are not beloved by any green brigade whom you think idiot. Anyway I don't expect any sense from your side since I read that answer of yours where it seems you love to make joke of others religious sentiments. No surprise now environmentalists are also on your target.
Please leave me alone as I am already quite hurt from your answer(//www.blurtit.com/q5483318.html). Don't worry I won't appear any more to you as I am gonna l**** this site...
Ashley Hosbrook Profile
Ashley Hosbrook answered
Well, it truly depends on which works the best because some new vehicles cause alot of problems, yet some old vehicles do too. I am not a huge truck fan either.
nettie Profile
nettie answered
Classic, I like classic as long as it is not a classic heap of junk, classic is good but should have been up kept other wise bring on the new......the best to you♥

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