Why Does My Truck Shift Really Hard Only From First To Second?


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I need to know what year, make and model of truck you have in order to help you.
Some are vacuum, others are TV cable and others are electronically controlled.
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1994 ford f-150
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If it is an AOD transmission, check the cables that connect to your Throttle Body. If one is disconnected because of a broken plastic grommet, you would simply need to replace the grommet and reattach the cable.
If there is no cable from the throttle body linkage to your transmission, the tranny would be an AODE or a 4R70W tranny. Both of which are electronically controlled. If that is the case. Have the computer scanned to see if you have a shift solenoid trouble code.
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Regardless of clutch actuation system you have, it is obviously not working properly for you. Manual trans first gear actually engages the most gears in a trans. So when you step on clutch, you are disengaging most amount of "metal touching metal" in trans. As you upshift into higher gears, less gears/movement is used. Also, a syncro could be going bad in the trans. At a slow speed, can you down shift from second to first without same problem? Trans are tough to diagnose from the outside unfortunately. You could drop the pan and inspect for any metal shavings, worn/shiny spots on gears to give you a direction to go in. Ain't no fun as they say.

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