Why do people sell stolen cars for money if they know that there is a chance that they will get busted?


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It is often the thrill that makes a person commit an illegal act such as selling stolen cars for money.

  • Thrill of the act
Individuals that need a thrill and cannot find it through normal means such as a theme park ride will find it through an illegal act. There is something about committing an illegal act for some that makes them feel alive. It means there are psychological reasons for why they may feel the need to do something such as steal cars for money, especially if they know they will get busted.
  • Money
Another reason is already part of the question: Money is a strong motivator. A person may feel they will not get caught the first time or maybe the 12th time, so they keep going to make as much money stealing cars as possible riding on the thrill and the money until they do get caught by stealing one too many cars. There can also be extreme conditions for why a person may steal a car.

For example, some upright citizens may steal because of debt pressures or the need to save someone's life. When money is not available for medical bills it has in the past led to some individuals stealing to get money to pay for the bills to save the one they care about or to save themselves. The point is that there are plenty of reasons related to money that may make a person steal a car or cars even if there is a chance of getting caught.
  • Nature versus Nurture Argument
Some say that a person will steal even if they know they will get caught based on their upbringing, whether it was a lack of nurturing by parents or a genetic (natural) reason.

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