What Is The Role Of Human Resources Department In Toyota Company?


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The role of the Human Resources department within the Toyota company is one that is questionably successful at the moment. Many blame the Human Resources department for the downfall in the Toyota company and believe it was the Human Resources processes that led to problems such as not making good decisions, not confronting negative news and not making a convincing business case for immediate action. The processes within the Human Resources department that have a big role within the Toyota company include the rewards process, the training process, the performance management process and the hiring process.

The Rewards Process - this has the intention of encouraging the right behaviors and discouraging the negative ones. It should incentivize the gathering of information about problems and reward employees who are successful in getting people higher up to take action on negative news.

The Training Process - this process should make sure that all employees are prepared with the right skills and capabilities to deal with any situation that they may encounter. Toyota clearly teaches its employees to 'plan, do, check, act'. These steps need to be followed carefully and without compromise.

The Performance Management Process - this is used to monitor and appraise the performance of the management and employees throughout the year. This is so that problem behaviors can be identified in time and to measure the response to any negative information.

The Hiring Process - hiring is supposed to be carried out so that high level employees are taken on who are experts in knowing how to deal with difficult situations. They have the capabilities and level of skills to cope with complex and negative information.

Each of these processes is crucial to the Human Resources department's role within the Toyota company. The department was blamed for a lot of the problems the Toyota company came into and their strong influence was not backed up with the capability to deal with negative circumstances.

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