Water Heater? I Lit The Pilot .When I Turn On The Burner The Pilot Goes Out The Burner Goes Out Then A 2' Flame Goes On For 1 Minute. This Is A New Gas Control For The Heater. What Is Wrong?


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Do you have propane or natural gas? By what you've explain, I'll bet its propane. OK, here is what the dilio is. If you have propane either you must return the new valve and buy a new gas valve for lp. And you must get a lp pilot orifice and burner orifice. Easier to get the lp water heater unless it came with lp orifices and a convertible gas valve. Look on the data plate (sticker) and see if it for the type of gas you have. OK, I've reread your comment. The person replacing the gas valve bought the wrong one. It will say on the side of the valve (usually the right side if facing it ) on a red sticker what type of fuel it is for. Will say set for 10"WC. If it says that and you do have propane then the valve is correct and either the pilot orifice is wrong or the burner orifice is wrong. You should have a strong blue flame on the pilot and blue flame with yellow tipping on the burner, if all this is good, then the valve is bad. Replace it. What brand is it? Most pilot orifices will be marked lp for propane or N for natural. Usually a 10BBR pilot orifice for lp. If this sounds to complicated, call your gas supplier to check the conversion. The pilot orifice is located in the pilot assembly where the pilot tube enters the assembly. The burner orifice is located at the end of the burner tube below the burner head. You will need a 3/4 open end wrench, 3/8 for the thermocouple and a 7/16 for the pilot tube. The burner tube ( where it threads into the gas valve) is reverse thread. Everything else is right tight/ lefty loosy. If you have a direct vent water heater, make sure the vent joints haven't come apart even a little or it will cause cross contamination of air and exhaust and will cause your pilot and burner to go out.
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I think it could be 1 of 2 things, you either have a bad control unit, even though it's new, sometimes they are defective. Or you could have a draft in the area of the heater, which would cause it to go out, it doesn't take much, my cats used to put ours out just running past it. Hope this helps, good luck.
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it also could be you got the wrong type it is possible you got a propane instead of natural gas.
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After following relighting of the pilot instructions, pilot stayed lit. Once I turned the thermostat up, it stayed burning for about 10 seconds, then I heard a triplike sound coming from the control box, then the flame/fire went out. Repeated this process a few times, what the hek is going on here.
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It is possible you got the wrong valve it could be propane instead of natural gas

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