My Gas Hot Water Heater Pilot Light Is Coming On But The Burner Is Not. We Replaced The Ignition Control Module But It Still Won't Light The Burner. Any Ideas?


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Water heater pilot light lights up when I release the red button,but when I turn it to on it doesn't light the burner, if you turn the thermostat up a couple notches it will light the burner for about 5 seconds then it goes out also the pilot light too.
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Check to make sure the pressure switch tube is not kinked or disconnected  from the pressure switch or power vent. See if the flue limit(usually resettable) is not tripped.. Could be a bad flame sense rod. Make sure all the connections on the module are in the right spot and are making good connection. Kathy c didn't read the question properly as this unit does not have a thermocouple. Make sure the toggle switch inside the box isn't off by mistake. The power vent  must be running in order for the main burner to come on. Make sure its plugged in. Try those and see what happens.
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It might need a new thermcup. This is the thing at the end of the pilot light that lights the burner. They are inexpensive to buy, but the service call to put them on will probably be between $50-$100.

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