Pilot Light Keeps Going Out After A While. We Replaced The Thermocouple And Its Lights Just Fine Then After A While ... Sometimes A Day, The Pilot Goes Out. What Can We Try Next?


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Make sure that just the top 3/8 of the t-couple is in the flame and not the middle. If thats ok, then check to see if the vent terminates at least 3' above the roof line( any shorter and high wind could cause the outage), if thats ok, light the pilot and immediately turn the knob to off. The 100% saftey shut off should take at least90 seconds before it closes. You will here a clicking noise come from the gas valve when it closes. If it clicks shut within 30 sec. Then the pilot coil is junk and you neeed to replace the gas valve.how old is the water heater/ most of them come with a 5 or 6 year warranty on parts and labor. The t-couple could be weak even out of a new package. Do a millivolt test to check its output.
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THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING SO QUICKLY, SEPTIC. I have owned the house for 11 years and the install date had been written on the water heater when I bought the house. Unfortunately, the water heater will be celebrating its' 20th birthday (or not) in November. I have been looking at new ones the past couple of days but this brand (Regency) is not one I have seen. My guess is that it is probably time for a new one. Is there a brand that is 'superior' on the market? From what I have seen so far, the longest warranty says 12 years.

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