Where To Find And How To Replace Blower Motor On Pontiac Bonneville?


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It is located under the hood against the firewall   on the passenger side.
1.Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2.If necessary, tag and disconnect the number 2, 4 and 6 spark plug wires from the ignition coil and move the coil out of the way.
3.For 1993-99 vehicles, remove the nuts and cross brace bar.
4.Detach the electrical connections from the blower motor.
5.Disconnect the cooling tube from the blower motor.
6.Unfasten the screws securing the blower motor to the blower module assembly.
7.Remove the blower motor and fan assembly from the module.
8.If necessary, unfasten the nut attaching the fan to the blower motor shaft, then pull the fan from the blower motor.
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