How Do You Check Your Camshaft Position Sensor Without Buying A New One?


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Check power to the sensor with a test light. If it IS getting power to it, then it's probably bad.
If it is NOT getting power to it, then it is probably not the cam sensor. It is most likely an electrical problem.
 Most Chrysler products that I've seen with your problem, is a CRANK sensor, not a CAM sensor.
The Crank sensor is located in the bell housing of the transmission.
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the transmission was just rebuild I had picked it up from the transmission shop that same day it started acting stupid...
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I'm a little confused here, Pwitt, Because I answered a couple of questions under your name yesterday and see that you have left a comment under brittny18. Which vehicle is this question directed at? The '98 Dodge or the '88 Buick?
I'm thinking you are talking about the Dodge, but either way, since you have had transmission work done, the Crank Sensor is almost positively, the problem.
This is a common problem, when the transmission has been removed and replaced, because of the location of the crank sensor .
If you have a problem now, that you didn't have before, it is likely that it came about during the repair.
Suggest you take it back to the shop that worked on it.
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Correction. The crank sensor on all neons is located just above the oil filter which is nowhere near the transmission and the can sensor is above the transmission on the head
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That,s when you run the codes if your light stays on.

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