1999 Grand Cherokee Ltd 4.0ltr Stalls When Warm, Why?


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I have seen numerous Chrysler products, such as a Jeep, with bad crank sensors. Especially if you have had any transmission work done.
 But the fact that the engine died after it started, makes me think that the cam sensor would be more likely.
If you have washed down or cleaned your engine lately, a little bit of water, will short out the cam sensor.
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The [[Crankshaft]] position sensor is more difficult. It is located in the bell housing. If it is not put in far enough, the computer won't be able to read it. Too far in, it could be torn up by the flywheel.
This question was answered by my husband, who is at work for the next 7 hours.
Hope this helps.
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My husband says that the Crankshaft sensor is in the bellhousing and there is only one bolt holding it. There is an electrical sensor that plugs into the end of it.
This could be the problem.
If you have an engine light on, then, (first) Have the computer scanned to see if there is a trouble code. Then you will know for sure.
Once you have had the vehicle scanned, shout us back and he will help you from there.
He can't give precise help to you without knowing for sure what the trouble codes are because there could be same symptoms for different problems.
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I had problems with my car when engine got hot, I was told the injectors needed cleaning which can be done by adding an additive to the fuel. Also there could be a problem with the throttle body which isn't a big job to replace.
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We have a 1998 Chrysler Concord and replaced just about every sensor possible to no luck - the car started stalling for no reason, and might start back up or not - Several hours, and at times days it wouldn't start back up. When it did, it would last until engine was warm - I read this article and symptoms where exact - for under $40 I bought a new Crankshaft Position Sensor and guess what? It runs like a charm - Thank you very much for the information and to the internet for researching this! Good luck to anyone else that may have this issue.
JS in Severn, MD

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