How Do Take A Door Panel Off On A Ford F150?


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Hope this helps.. We had to do this on our 2005.

- remove two trim screws at bottom of door panel
- remove the access plate behind the interior door handle (pry out at slot) and two screws (not necessary to remove the handle)
- gently pry up the power window switch panel (part of armrest)
- remove the screw that holds the panel to the door
- remove the speaker cover grill (it pops off with gentle persuasion but is very fragile)
- remove the speaker from the door (4 screws and two wire plugs)
- It's also a good idea to remove the mounting plugs for the speaker screws to eliminate clearance issues (do this by pulling them out carefully so as not to break them)
- to remove the door panel slide it UP about 1 inch to release the clips (it might take a little force but the panel basically just hangs on the door)

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