Mercury Sable Won't Start, Lights Work And Bell, Wouldn't Jump Off What Could It Be?


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Ronnie Maye answered
There is a starter relay that the battery cable goed to and then on to the starter, sometimes they go bad. You can take 2 screw drivers or a heavy wire and jump across the two big terminals in the relay and the starter should turn, this is just a test to see if it will make the starter turn. If that don't work, it could have a bad starter. If it does work then the relay may be bad or the safety switch on the gear selector could be bad and not letting power through to the starter. Also make sure the terminal ends on the battery are clean where the terminals meet the battery post.
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We replaced fuel filter and fuel pump and it still wont start we were wondering where or if there is a fuel pump relay
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Kimberly Seber answered
Three possibilities, it's jumped time, alternator going bad, or the celinoid switch, I know you think a woman can't answer this type question, my dad was a mechanic I learned a thing or two.

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