How Long Can A Creditor Come After You? My Car Was Repossessed In 1995. I Filed Chapter 7. They Did Not Claim Anything. Since Then They Have Served Me Paper 2x. The Latest A Writ Of Garnishment Without A Signature.


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gerry naylor answered
WOW.what state are you in.only the court can make you pay.all a creditor can do is take you to court to collect depending on the papers you signed they can haunt you as long as they need to go see the clerk of the court and see what they have on you.good luck.
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Yes , what state do you live in ? Once you have claimed bankruptcy and you declared this debt on your ch7 and the judge discharged this then they cannot harass you . The best way to deal with this is to send a certified letter to the company and refer them to your attorney that handle this case also send a copy of the discharge of your bankruptcy .then go to the bankruptcy court where you filed and file a formal complaint against the company . If you did not list them on your bankruptcy then you will need to contact your attorney and pay the 50$ it cost to add this claim . But all in all this is blatant harassment. And they can be sued!

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