How Do I Adjust Clutch Pedal?


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Most modern clutches are hydraulic. It may be that either the clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder are stuck or some sort of restriction in the line. Or, it may be that the throwout bearing or pressure plate have some sort of issue (this requires pulling the tranny and looking at the clutch, pressure plate (plate that rides against the clutch with springs to engage the clutch) and throwout bearing (bearing on the arm that presses against the pressure plate to engage the clutch).

Of course, I am assuming you have checked for any outside restrictions that would not allow the pivot arm to retract (missing spring or piece of ice or debris stuck in there).

Just some ideas
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To adjust a clutch where I grabs in the middle. As we speak it grab on top. Does the adjustment fork need to be push to master cylinder or the clutch peddle

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